Recently Alex Botte joined Jordan Knecht from GlobalStake on their Decentralounge Podcast. In the episode Alex discussed:

Start-3:15: Alex’s journey into crypto and to Runa.
3:15-7:50: Background on Runa and our approach to investing in digital assets.
7:50-10:30: Understanding the market regime we’re in today.
10:30-14:10: Can Bitcoin’s 4-year market cycles surrounding halving events sustain as digital asset markets trend toward efficiency?
14:10-16:45: How digital asset ETFs will impact the relationship between BTC/ETH and altcoins going further into the bull market.
16:45-23:00: The impact of a higher risk-free rate in traditional markets on stablecoins and how RWA projects are trying to bring T-Bill yields and other products on chain.
23:00-24:15: When might we see regulatory clarity for crypto in the US?
24:15-End: Making the case for how crypto assets can be valued using traditional tools and frameworks.

Listen to the Podcast Here!

Alex Botte Joins GlobalStake’s Decentralounge Podcast